Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend (Pt. 2)

(Sorry in advance)
The pics. are all out of order... I still can not figgure out how to make blogspot post photos in the order I want them posted!

The Roman Baths... in Bath...

More of the Roman bath... in Bath...

The bath as seen from outside... where strangely all the tourist have disappeared...

I'm not quite sure why, but there are pigs like this all over town (Bath)... all painted and decorated in different ways!

St. Paul's Cathedral

Me at the tippy top of St. Paul's Cathedral. If you look to the right you can see the London Eye!

St. Paul's again... but do you see that very very very large dome... and the little tinny thing on top of it... I totaly hiked all the way up there!

No idea what this was... they guys in the black suits said the information was classified... (but seriously... does anyone know of any movies involving spaceships crashing being filmed in London right now... I can't think of any other explanation)

View from the train as I was heading out to Bath.

Second Lecture in the lecture series. He is a very passionate speaker... and during the discussion afterwards person after person stood up and said that he was wrong and he offered no argument, only emotionally charged stories...

Graduation day at the LSE.

Me on the riverboat!

The O2 arena all lit up!

The London Eye as seen from the floating dance party!

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