Monday, July 28, 2008

New Term

I know that I have not updated in a few days… about a week.
Well for that last week there is not really that much to say, it was very boring.
My final was on Friday…
I did nothing fun and sat in my room studying day and night!

I am a little bit sad, I know that I did all that I possibly could do and that there was no more studying that could be done and I know that I did my best…
Sadly, this time I don’t think that my best was enough.
I won’t know the score for another week so I will leave my thoughts until then.

I did have a very very very nice weekend and I will put up another post later tonight full of stories and pictures!

Well today is the first day of classes in the second term.
The morning was very hectic, but I was able to sleep in later than I have been, this class starts later than my class last term.
My professor came in and talked about the syllabus, all the usual beginning of term stuff, then immediately launched into lecture.
She did not lecture for long before I realized that I could not follow the math in the lecture.
This was very disappointing to me, I thought I had the necessary prerequisites for this course but I don’t think that I have. My 400 level linear algebra course at UAB does not measure up. The big lesson from today: I DON’T KNOW LINEAR ALGEBRA.
I’m very worried now that I will not be able to handle this course. I don’t think that I am a quitter, and that I’m just afraid of failure or anything but I really don’t know if 3 weeks is enough time for me to learn linear algebra AND econometrics.
So after lecture this morning I went to find out if there are any other good courses offered this semester…
I found one: Environmental Economics and Sustainable Development…
This course sounds fabulous and right up my alley
I’m going to the afternoon class session for the econometrics course today to see how it goes…
Tomorrow I may be in the other class.

So today I just find myself very stressed and anxious.
I don’t want to be a quitter, but I guess I do have to know my limits…

I guess I will post some more tonight with my thoughts about econometrics and pictures from this weekend :-)

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