Thursday, July 10, 2008

I always forget that other countries use different key board lay-outs! Its just enough to throw me off when I sit down to type something and characters I do not anticipate appear on the screen! :)

I’m sitting the library after my afternoon class. This place is very impressive. On the lower ground floor there is what seems to be a never ending see of computer stations. There is this huge spiral stair case in the middle. And despite how many people are sitting around, working and talking the place still seems quiet. I think in a bit I’m going to go explore.

I do have to admit that I am procrastinating a bit. I’ve been in class or studying since about 9 this morning… I deserve a little bit of a break don’t I?

I wonder how much the LSE spends on software… every computer I have been on anywhere on campus or in the dorms has every statistical computing program I’ve ever heard of and many others I have not (but I’m willing to bet they aren’t cheep!).

I have noticed a huge number of women both in my lecture class and my smaller afternoon class. Actually, in the afternoon class women out number the men by about 5 times! I did expect this to be a much more male dominated class.

Despite having next to no time to spend socializing, I’m beginning to meet a few people. To tell the truth the last few days I’ve been a bit worried that I would have absolutely no time to meet other people with how much time I have been spending on my course. I have been a little bit jealous of the people in my dorm I see every night going out to the pubs and what not. I wonder if their classes are less intense than mine, or if they are just spending less time studying...

The first lecture in the lecture series is tonight. Even though the lectures are fee you must obtain a ticket for entry… I went to go get a ticket this morning but there were none left. They seem to go very quickly. For the next lecture I will do my best to go get the tickets as soon as they become avaliable. So I suppose I’m just going to show up and see if I can snag the set of someone who doesn’t show up :)

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Anonymous said...

Kristen, I'm glad to hear that you are doing well and finally have your luggage! Everyone hear misses you, I hear about you all the time from Audrey. Keep the posts coming!