Wednesday, July 9, 2008


FINNALY my luggage has arrived!
Besides my luggage arriving this has been a pretty uneventful day. It has been raining all day long and a bit chilly. I’m beginning to think that the weather is only nice in London every other day for about 30 min! I was talking to someone that lives here and they said that the weather usually isn’t this bad... lol but with what I have experienced so far that may be a bit hard to believe! :)
Today during one of the breaks in my lecture class the professor called all the students who attend American universities to please come to the front of the room. After we all had assembled (a surprisingly large number of us) the professor lectured us urging us to not slack off in the course! I was a bit taken back by this! He continued to explain that American students usually start slacking off after midterms because at that time they can guarantee that they will make a grade good enough to pass and receive credit at their home universities... So I guess American students as a group have the reputation of being lazy, manipulative opportunist! I’m very offended by this, I do consider myself a very studious person, and I am now just assumed to be lazy.


Anonymous said...

Up to you to prove them wrong on the Lazy American's mis-perception! I challenge you to challenge the other Americans to show him up! A friend....

Anonymous said...

POLL QUESTION: Ok, was the actions of Kristen's professor way out of line - or is it the American sense of PC that makes it seem that way? (note - out of line or not, I have no doubt that his observations are true.) But, would he have done this with students from a Middle Eastern Nation, an African Nation??? What do you think? Kristen's Mom.