Monday, July 21, 2008

Midterms at the LSE

This last week has been pretty crazy. The midterm for my course was on Thursday, and I was terrified that I would not do well on it. I studied for most of the week, leaving little time to do anything fun .
The testing procedure here is very strict. We were told that if we were late to the exam we would be locked out and unable to take, or even make up the exam. We were instructed to leave any personal belongings along the wall and to silence our phones (if they rang we were told that would be considered CHEATING!). If we had to get up to go to the bathroom during the exam a proctor had to escort you to and from the bathroom. We were not allowed to write our names on the examination papers so that they could be graded anonymously. All of this just served to compound the usual pre-exam anxiety!
Another interesting thing…. The grading scale. Copied below is the grading scale that applies to the summer classes:
You have to score below a 40 to fail the course!
After seeing this I got a bit cocky… ohhh I only have to make a 65 to make an “A”…. no problem…
I still studied and did the best I could on the exam… I didn’t get that cocky…
When I walked out of the exam I was totally stocked! I was sure that I scored well enough to make an “A” by UAB standards…
I waited all weekend anxiously to see my score… sure it would be time to celebrate…
We were able to check out our scores today… and I got 32 points out of 50… aka about 64%! (B+ just one point off from an A!)
I’m a bit frustrated because I don’t know where I went wrong… and it is against policy to show us our exams!
Note: we were told the average was a little bit more than 30, and median was 31...
Before placing the list of scores out for the exam my professor spent aobut 10 min. lowering our expectations...
Ohh well... I figgure I will just kick ass on the final!

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Anonymous said...

sounds to me like you are already kicking ass! any normal person would be thrilled to make a B on an LSE midterm...of course you're not normal and i guess that's why you're my friend :) keep it up! <3 Audrey