Friday, July 4, 2008

Entry 1

Hi all who may read this. This is the first blog i have ever kept, so it may take a wile for me to get warmed up and good at this :)

Here, i intend to record all of my adventures traveling abroad this summer. I am spending the next six weeks in London attending the London School of Economics. I arrived safely in the UK a couple of days ago and am slowly getting over my jet lag :)

The last week before i left was crazy busy. I had tons of stuff to get together, and friends to see before i shipped off. I found it really hard to actually sit down and pack. in packing for this trip. I have discovered the most amazing packing aide... space saver bags!!!!! i was able to pack everything i wanted (admittedly too much...) in just two reasonably sized bag.

The flight over was uneventful but long. I had to fly from Birmingham to Atlanta then to Huston before flying to London. I don't understand why I had to fly east, then way back west before crossing the Atlantic... It was a long travel day. When i arrived here in the UK I discovered that they had managed to misplace ALL OF MY LUGGAGE!!!!!! After filing the appropriate forms I got on a series of trains and tubes to get to my Aunt's house.

Its very nice to have a few days before my classes start to spend time with my family. I don't know what I would do if my aunt wasn't here to help me deal with my luggage problem. Most of what was lost in my luggage is replaceable, but expensive to replace in pounds.
The most annoying issue presented by my missing bags was my missing contacts and glasses. without them I am pretty helpless, unable to see hardly anything. I went out and bought some replacement solution and a case for my contacts, but somehow picked up the wrong sort of solution, and after soaking my lenses in it overnight they were ruined. We had to find an eye doctor in town that would see me without and appointment so that I would be able to see!

lessons learned from loosing my luggage:
All ways carry on a few changes of cloths
All ways carry on all of your expensive/valuable items (computer, camera,mp3 player etc..)
if you have any sentimental items you would just die if you lost.... yeah carry them on too!

Well all of that aside, I am really having a lot of fun here in England. My aunt, uncle and cousin live in a small town outside of London that is just lovely! You can walk everywhere in town, and there are lots of really nice walking paths that are also lovely.

Today is the great American holiday: the 4th of July :) and we are planing to celebrate later with a barbeque! I brought over some American hot dogs (according to my aunt they just are not as good over here...) which we are going to throw on the grill along with ribs and burgers. Its kinda strange celebrating in England, I don't feel very PC about it... oh well, I'm sure it will be loads of fun any way!

Well thats it for nøw, Ill be on soon with more stories (hopefully of found luggage!!!)

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