Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend (pt. 1)

I don’t know what it was, but I ate something on Friday that make me really sick! I had to miss class and office hours with my professor...
I started feeling better that evening after being sick for a bit and sleeping it off.
Friday night was the riverboat disco!
What is a riverboat disco you may ask...
Its exactly what it sounds like... a dance... on a riverboat...
I'm not much for dancing, tried to dance for a few min. but decided it was not my thing.
I spent most of the evening up on the decks watching the city go by. London is so pretty at night! I'll post some pictures in a little bit!

On Saturday I was a tourist all day and went sightseeing! I went with a girl I meet earlier this week, and we had a really nice time.

Our first stop was at St. Paul's cathedral. That place is amazing...
While I was there I climbed all the way to the tippy tippy top and had a fantastic view of the city! To get to the top you have to climb up some 500+ old old old stairs. At some points the stairway was only about 2 feet wide!

From there it was on to lunch and an attempt to go see the Tower of London (too expensive and too close to closing time for it to make any sense).

Next we headed to Tate Modern. I was really stocked about checking out the museum... but the girl I was with did not seem that into it. I think she only wanted to go so she could check it off of her "Things to do in London List" (I think she even said at one point she did not even like modern art..." I guess the whole time we were there I felt like I was holding her up...
I guess I just have to go back some other time... which I can totally do because I'm still in London for another month!

Sunday morning I did have plans to do anything...
I woke up, went down to breakfast (I don't know if I have mentioned the free breakfast we get here in the dorms but it is AWSOME! really good coffee too!)
and I started looking through my "Let's Go London" book and found the section full of day trips from London...
Opened it to the first page: "Bath"
So I decided to go... Why not?
Next thing I knew I was out of the door and on a train out there.

The weather was perfect... I really could not have asked for a nicer day... it was warm, the sun was shining and the sky was crystal clear and a deep blue

I went to the Roman Bath museum and that was really interesting... but full of tourist... I could hardly walk through the place.
There is a really really nice park in town and a band was playing down there, so I grabbed a sandwich and set in the park and had a picnic!
Next I went to the spa... The only place in town you can actually sit in the hot springs water. It was very expensive but TOTALY WORTH IT! They have this really great roof top pool where you can relax and look out over the city. They a lot have another pool and nice steam rooms.
After that I headed back into town... I didn't get in until after 10.
I was very surprised to find that when I got back nothing was open! I thought London was a 24 hour city! I guess not...

Well those are the weekend highlights... pics. and a few videos in the next post!


Anonymous said...

so tell me the juicy details...any jane austen fan knows Bath is where rich people go to gossip!
<3 Audrey
p.s. i'm sure that spaceship thingy has something to do with the world ending

Jo said...

Maybe they were filming an episode of Dr Who ! Could be...
So glad you got out and about town. Bath is fabulous. Hope to see you soon.

Love ya ! Aunt JoAnn