Sunday, July 13, 2008

Ghost Map pics.

This post is especially for anyone who has read "The Ghost Map"

This small plaque on the side of the John Snow pub marks the location of the original Broad Street Pump.
I know this may be a bit hard to see... but right next to the tire is a piece of the curb that is a little pink in color is the location of the original water pump. The replica pump is a block down the street.

Plaque at the replia pump
These are pictures of the replica pump with the John Snow pub in the background.

Me infront of the pub.


Anonymous said...

i'm glad you finally got to get some pub time! i hope you don't get cholera from their beer :)
i miss youuuu!
love, audrey

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pics! I used them to illustrate a lesson for 9th graders about the development of public health as a discipline/concept, in the 1800s.

Steve ( in Ann Arbor, Mi.)