Tuesday, July 29, 2008


My lovely family realaxing at the beach!

Spotted dick

:is a classic desert... I so had to order it :) It wasent the best desert that I have ever had...but so worth the giggle!

Often times I have thought that it would be so nice if someone came into my room when I was at work/school, tiddied up, hovered, and brought me a nice fresh towel. Well here my dream has come true... everyday someone come in and cleans up by dorm room... But there seems to be a downside to this... there is no way to request that you room is not tiddied up and on Friday when I retured to my room after my exam I found some very strange things in my room. From this picture can you guess what they were....? A knife (that I had never seen before) and a bottle of cleaning solution..... hummmmmmmmmm

My cousin and I before we went out onto the beach and cut up our feet!

Me all dressed up in my cranaval get up

This is the float I rode on. The girls sitting inside are the town's queen and pricess. The guy sitting up front is named Skip, and he is a town crier. He has been honored by the queen for his service to the community. Thats me sitting in the back as the footman!

Another shoot of me and my family at the beach

Yet another beach picture. Dont those rocks look sharp. This is after me and my cousin cut our feet up!

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